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Playing smartphone content wirelessly on TV

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  • Wifi Direct, Miracast, or Wireless Display (WiDi), Screen Share
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TV and smart phone should be connected to the same wireless network (AP).

- Turn on smartphone Wi-Fi and connect it to the same network as TV.

- Function may not be supported depending on AP router performance.


Connect smart phone and smart TV to the same network via same wireless router.

※ When TV is hard wired to network directly due to the network environment of individual’s home, go to TV network setting, add wireless network and set the router connected to smart phone to additional connection mode.

- Smart phone settings

※ It varies pending manufacturers.

1. Wi-Fi network connection

①  Go to [Settings] of [Configuration] of smart phone

②  Go to [Wireless and network] (skip for iphone)

③  Go to [Wi-Fi settings] and check [Wi-Fi]

④  Connect to the same AP (wired/wireless router) as TV at [Wi-Fi setting]

2. Content sharing

①  Go to setting menu of smart phone, check “content sharing and device connection” and check content sharing.

② Start sharing by checking “yes” for all messages in popup.

- TV settings

2014~2015 webOS smart TV models (webOS ver. 1.0 / 2.0):

① Go to home menu and open “Smart share" application.

② If “device” item is selected from the menu on the left side, then model name of smart phone appears on the right.

③ When smart phone to be connected is selected,  "Photo, Music, Video" folders appear.

    Content list appears when selecting the relevant folder.

④ Choose the content and start playing.


From 2016  webOS 3.0 Smart TV models:

Select “Photo & video” application from home menu.

② Select the model name of smart phone from the list.

③  ”Photo, Music, Video” folders appear when selecting the smart phone.

         List of content shows up when selecting the relevant folder.


2013 Smart TV & older models:


① Go to home menu and choose “Smart share”.


② Select “linked device” from the left side menu and pick the model name of smart phone.


③ “Photo, Music, Video” folders show up when selecting smart phone.

      List of content appears when selecting the relevant folder.






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