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2017 webOS 3.5 TV new feature – Magic Link

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This new “Magic Link” feature on 2017 LG webOS 3.5 televisions will allow viewers access to related content information from the Internet to display alongside program currently watched on screen.



  1. Network wired or wireless connection to television
  2. For set-top-box tuner receiver, only HDMI connection is supported
  3. In the case of set-top-box, universal remote control registration on TV is required

 Set-Top-Box Setup Guide

WARNING - Channel change on some STB is executed without channel banner info. Should it be the case with yours, unfortunately, Magic Link feature will be futile.

When setting up the television for the first time, end users are prompted to choose whether to enable or disable Audio Guidance for visually impaired. Choosing the Audio Guidance will disable the Magic Motion Remote Controller’s on-screen cursor. Disabling the Audio Guidance will maintain the remote controller’s on-screen cursor capability.


To activate information content through Magic Link feature, simply click the Magic Link icon on screen and as long as information is available, the feature will pull it at the bottom of the screen.

If using the Magic Link button on the remote control, you must Press & Hold until content related information populates the bottom of the screen. Simply pressing the button will have no effect whatsoever.

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