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Online TV user manual - downloadable version

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TVs have truly evolved since the introduction of color in broadcasting content to tube televisions in the early sixties. At that time, instruction manuals consisted of very few pages.

Since the arrival of Smart televisions, multilingual publications then compounded to corporate social responsibility, justifying bricks of paper accompanying the product became more and more questionable.

LG quickly realized the value of incorporating the user manual into the memory of the TV's printed circuit board.

Now, this manual, HTML format, is downloadable from the LG website and easily maneuverable from a smart phone in addition to being accessible from the TV.


  1. Website to access is:
  2. When selecting User Guide to download, please choose the HTML version and not the *.zip version (won't open on the phone).
  3. Once installed, choose desired language between Korean, French, Spanish or English.
  4. Following page that will open is there as an example. Tap the CLOSE button at the bottom.
  5. Choose between the eight icons the one most likely to cover desired topic.
  6. Please note that all the information contained in the HTML User Guide is best viewed in panorama mode on the smartphone.

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