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Unclear, masked, blurred or smothered sound

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While the trend of flat panel televisions is moving towards much larger screen size formats, manufacturers are equally attempting to match sound delivery to the image size. In doing so, especially with the low frequencies, the overall sound quality often results in muffled audio at the other end of the spectrum removing clarity in the dialogue and higher frequencies.



The increase in low frequencies from a loudness and volume standpoint, more specifically in smaller rooms, tend to have an effect of masking, blurring and smothering every other sound frequency in its path such as mid-range and high frequencies. Dialogue and crisper sounds therefore get buried in the booming of thunderous bass notes.

Should the sound from your LG webOS 4.0 Smart television appear unclear, even ever so slightly, a new feature was introduced named “One Touch Sound Tuning” to resolve the issue.



Feature is designed to analyze the audio output of the television while taking into consideration the environment (room size, open space, obstacles, material, etc.) and tuning it accordingly for a more balanced and clearer sound experience.

  1. From the Settings button on the remote control go to Advanced Settings > Sound > One Touch Sound Tuning
  2. Click the “Start New Sound Tuning” button. Customers may also chose from the three (3) preset sound tuning options below (Standard – Bass Boost – Treble Boost).
  3. Be patient while the tuning soundtrack is being played. Ensure to point the remote controller at the television while the tuning is being executed and remain silent throughout as the remote control microphone plays an intricate part in the fine tuning. Once completed, click the NEXT button in the top right corner.
  4. Here you will be granted the opportunity to compare the difference in sound output between how it was before and after the tuning. You may select which option suits you best between Standard, Bass Boost or Treble Boost by toggling between them with the left or right arrow on the remote controller.

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