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2018 models (webOS 4.0) – Software & User Agreement Update

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Customers may voice or express concerns with respect to having to agree once more to Terms of Use (revised and updated) of Smart TV further to latest software update. Channel Plus Internet TV channel service may require to be re-enabled as well further to software update.



As of August 27th 2018, LG will be rolling out a new software update for webOS version 4.0 (2018 Smart TV models), which will entail TV software update as well as revision and update to the User Agreement. 

In doing so, because User Agreement will have been revised and updated to new version, the moment software update is completed and TV has automatically turned “off”, once TV reboots, customers will be prompted to agree, once again, to terms of use.



Global Software updates will begin rolling out gradually starting August 27th.

Feature improvements will include speech recognition, external device connectivity, error correction as well as updates to the User Agreements related to updated software.

Once software update has completed, customers will be required to agree to the revised and updated Terms of Use.


Latest revised Terms of Use can be accessed at the following link:



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