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Netflix content won’t play after TV software update

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Customers may voice or express concerns with respect to issues experienced with Netflix services not playing content further to a recent TV software update on webOS version 3.5 (2017 models) & 4.0 (2018 models).



Further to a recent TV software update on webOS version 3.5 & 4.0 models (2017 & 2018 Smart TV), moment customer attempts to stream any content from Netflix App a message notification appears on screen alerting customers content cannot play.



After TV software update, first time customers activate Netflix App on their LG 2017 or 2018 Smart webOS television, a message pop-up prompts customer to either: Update, Launch or Close. Launching or closing the App will result in content NOT playing.


Instruct customers it is imperative that they update the App in order to view any of the Netflix content to play on screen.



Netflix App needs to be updated to version number 1.4.60 to remedy situation.

Certain models will put you in a predicament whereas you have no choice but to update in order to keep using the App.


Netflix redesigned its TV interface with new navigation and full-screen trailers on July 18th 2018. Netflix announced the launch of a new interface for those who watch the streaming service on TV. The updated design is aimed at improving navigation by way of a remote control, making it quicker to get to the content you want to watch. The change involves relocating some of Netflix’s key features like the “Search” button and users’ “My List” over to a ribbon menu on the left side of the screen which pops out when you navigate over. Here, it has also added new shortcuts to “Movies” and “TV” to filter its catalog by films and shows, as well as a button to see “what’s New.”



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