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Netflix – Black screen (no image)

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If, when accessing Netflix App on your LG webOS TV, it turns out TV screen is black while no image will display, please refer to the following explanation and troubleshooting steps.


Netflix resorts to the utilization of special promotional image/effect at times during specific event season. When the promotion terminates, the Netflix server deletes these special image/effects. By doing so, it inadvertently creates a server configuration error translating to the absence of picture on screen.


While Netflix is busy at trying to remedy the situation, in the interim time, please engage the following steps in order to get Netflix streaming returning to normal:


1. With Netflix Streaming Service App executed resulting in no picture on screen, press HOME button on remote controller to bring up launcher bar.

2. Exit temporary unresponsive App by selecting any other tab from the launcher bar

3. While launcher bar still on screen, locate the tab entitled “RECENT”

4. Place cursor in that tab then press and hold ENTER button (wheel) down 2 or 3 seconds until skull icon and X below appear overtop of tab.

5. Click the X to remove from Recent History


6. Restart Netflix App

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