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No Picture / No Video / Black Screen / Snowy Screen

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Is there power running to TV? Front panel red LED indicator should be lit up.

IF YES proceed – IF NO get customer to plug TV in AC wall outlet or power bar.



Are there batteries in remote control? Are they inserted properly?

IF YES proceed – IF NO get customer to place batteries in remote controller.



Pressing HOME key on remote control, does the on-screen menu appear?

Pressing SETTINGS button on the side or rear of television panel, does the menu appear?

IF YES proceed – IF NO, TV is D.O.A. & service is required or return under 30 day warranty.



What is the video source customer attempting to watch? Has customer selected proper input?

Is device properly connected to television? Is the OUTPUT of device wired to TV INPUT?



In the case of snowy screen, is customer’s TV connected to an antenna or cable/satellite box?

IF ANTENNA did they run Auto Tuning? IF SET-TOP-BOX how is it connected to TV?

IF ANTENNA run Auto Tuning fully – IF SET-TOP-BOX select appropriate input (i.e. HDMI 1)



Is antenna a new installation or has it been used before and worked properly?

Is the coax wire running from the antenna down to television in good shape?



In the case of a black screen has the video source been powered “on”?

Has the correct input been selected? IF NO do so – IF YES, TV is defective… service or return.



Should you need to dispatch a service technician on account that all above troubleshooting tips have not resulted in providing a picture on screen do inform the customer that should the fault not be found that of the television customer will incur the costs of the service call.

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