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Locating MAC address on an Audio Video peripheral device

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<span style='color: rgb(192, 0, 0); line-height: 115%; font-family: "BryantLG Medium","serif"; font-size: 24pt; mso-fareast-font-family: "Malgun Gothic"; mso-bidi-font-family: Arial; mso-ansi-language: EN-CA; mso-fareast-language: KO; mso-bidi-language: AR-SA; mso-bidi-font-weight: bold;'> <p>All and any device connected to the Internet has its own MAC address.</p><p> A media access control address (MAC address) of a computer is a unique identifier assigned to network interfaces for communications at the data link layer of a network segment. MAC addresses are used as a network address for most IEEE 802 network technologies, including Ethernet and Wi-Fi.</p><p></p><p>
</p><p> Procedures</p><p>You can easily locate your LG audio video device MAC address by following these steps.</p><ol>
  • Press HOME button on the remote controller
  • Select SETTINGS. Click it.
  • Select NETWORK. Click it.
  • Select Connection Status. Click it.
  • </ol><p></p><p>
    </p><p style="margin: 0in 0in 0pt; line-height: 120%;"> </p><p>


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