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Movie not displayed in 3D

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1.       Is a 3D Blu-ray player being used? 

a.       In order to view 3D content, a 3D Blu-ray player must be used.  A regular Blu-ray player will not have the option to activate 3D content.

2.       Is the correct type of 3D disc being used in the Blu-ray player?

a.       One of the following symbols/logos should be displayed on the 3D Blu-ray disc.  

b.      In order for 3D content to be displayed using the LG 3D shutter glasses, a 3D Blu-ray Disc must be used.

c.       A ‘3D Only’ Blu-ray disc is not formatted for 2D playback and can only be played using 3D technology.

d.      Some DVD/Blu-ray manufacturers make 3D DVD’s or Blu-ray movies that require anaglyph lenses (paper glasses) which are usually supplied with the movie.  The glasses are usually chromatically opposite such as red & cyan.   These types of movies cannot be viewed with LG 3D Shutter glasses.  If you are attempting to view this type of disc, deactivate all 3D options on the BD Player and TV.  3D DVD’s will have the option to activate 3D content using the Disc content menu, not the BD Player or TV menu.

3.    Is the 3D Blu-ray player connected to a Wireless Media Box (AN-WL100)?

    a. The 3D feature will not work with the Wireless Media Box.  To play 3D content, the 3D Blu-ray player must be connected directly to the TV using an HDMI cable.


4.       What cables are being used to connect the 3D Blu-ray Player to the 3D TV?

a.       Specifications required the use of a "High Speed HDMI cable" to view 3D content.  If the cable being used is an older version, it will be necessary to upgrade to a "High Speed HDMI cable."

5.       Has the 3D feature been turned on in the 3D Blu-ray player’s menu?

a.       When an "High Speed HDMI" cable is being used, the 3D feature must be activated in the Blu-ray player.  Once this option is turned on, it should remain on unless changed by the user.  Check the Blu-ray player’s operation manual for instructions to activate this feature. 

b.      To activate BD 3D content using an LG BD 3D Player,  access Home Menu àSetup Menuà3D Mode “ON”

6.       Has the 3D feature been activated on the Television?

(This activation may not be necessary if ‘Play Movie in 3D’ was selected in the Disc Menu.)

Note: If the 3D button is pressed when watching the 2D version of the Blu-ray Title, it will not display properly.  Return to the Disc Menu and select ‘Play movie in 3D’.

a.       Press the 3D button on the remote control  of the LG Television


b.      Select the correct 3D Video Format to be viewed.  It may be necessary to select each 3D Video Format until the desired quality is reached.  (Refer to ‘Table of 3D Supported Formats’ to assist in selecting the optimal 3D Video Format)


c.       Once the correct 3D Video Format is selected, this screen will be displayed.  By selecting ‘Enter’, the 3D movie will begin to play.  There are also options to ‘End 3D Video’ or select the L/R lens setting for a more comfortable viewing experience.


7.       Were the glasses turned on prior to inserting the 3D disc?

a.       The glasses will turn themselves off after 1 minute of inactivity because they haven’t received a 3D signal from the IR Emitter.  They may need to be powered back on after the disc begins to play.

b.      Check 3D Glasses troubleshooting steps.

8.       If the glasses are turned to a 90˚ angle, they will not receive the 3D signal properly.  Be sure that the glasses are parallel to the floor and the 3D content is viewed in a seated position.

9.       Be sure nothing is blocking the IR Emitter on the front left panel of the television.

10.       If an LG 3D BD Player is in use, the ‘Title/Pop-up’ button can activate and deactivate the 3D option.  Be sure this button was not pressed accidentally.

11.   Check to ensure the IR Emitter on the TV is functioning.  Hold a camera phone or digital camera lens up to the bottom left hand side of the TV while 3D content is being displayed to see if 2 red IR lights are illuminated.  If so, the TV should be sending the signal to the 3D Glasses.




Table of Supported 3D Formats

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