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Poor Color

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BD- Poor Color


Often times, poor color is the result of misrouted or loose cables.

Component Cables

The component cables must be inserted securely into each device.

The colors are often mismatched, causing the image to become displayed in black & white or with a colored tint.

The colors MUST match the connections on the back of each device.

Connect the component cables to another component input on the back of the TV.

Use a different set of component cables.

Test the external device on another television.

HDMI Cables

The HDMI cable must be inserted securely into each device.

Ensure that the length of the HDMI cable is not too long. (Recommendation is less than 10ft)

Ensure that the HDMI cable is not kinked or bent.

Check another HDMI cable.

If there is another device in the home with HDMI output, try the HDMI cable with that device.

Composite (AV) Cables

Ensure that the Yellow cable is connected into the Yellow Video input instead of the component input labeled ‘Y’.

Try a different set of Red/White/Yellow cables.

Try a different AV input.

Test this device on a different TV in the home or connect another device into the same input on the TV.

Note: An AV cable is NOT a high definition cable and will not produce a sharp, clear image

Coaxial Cable

Ensure that the cable is connected securely to the input/output.

Test another Coaxial cable if possible.

Note: An AV cable is NOT a high definition cable and will not produce a sharp, clear image

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