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No Signal/Black Screen/No Image

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BD- No Siglan/Black Screen/No Image


If the unit has a black screen or displays “No Signal”, it is usually due to the device being on the wrong input.

Ensure that the unit powers on

Check to ensure the device is actually receiving power by turning the TV ON.

Press the menu button once the television has been powered on to ensure the TV is functioning properly. Use the menu button on the actual TV itself to test.

If no menu appears, and the device is powered on, the device may require service.

Check other inputs

Are other devices connected to the television such as a game system or cable/satellite box?

If so, switch the input to where the other device is connected to see if a picture is displayed.

Make sure the external device is powered on.

Using Component or HDMI cables:

More than likely Component or HDMI cables are being used. Ensure that the cables are inserted securely into both the TV and the external device. If component cables are being used, ensure the colors are not mismatched. If HDMI is being used, disconnect each end of the HDMI cable then reconnect.

It may be necessary to adjust the resolution of the external device depending on the cables being used.

Attempt to connect a different external device using the same cables, to the same input, to test the TV/cables.

Try this device on another television using the same cable to see if the issue still occurs.

If the issue remains, the unit may need to be sent in for repair.

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