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“S-PROTEC” error message in window display

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Should there be an issue getting sound from the sound bar, have a look at what the fluorescent light display in the middle of the sound bar is showing. If what appears spells “S-PROTEC” it means the unit has shut down in order to prevent damages to the amplifier component.


Amplifier protection arises the moment the device detects potential harm to this very important circuitry component from a voltage fluctuation. As such the sound bar will mute the volume down automatically and inform user by displaying “S-PROTEC” in the display window.


There are really not many options offered to fix this.

  1. Try to unplug the cord from the wall AC receptacle, wait 15~20 seconds then plug it back in. Power up the sound bar. If the word “Goodbye” appears in the display window you will require service (*).
  2. If no such word appears in the display window, consider it an electrical glitch and resume playing.

In the case of (*) required service, there are a few things an authorized technician will need to test to determine root cause of the issue. As sound bars are considered “carry-in” directly to the counter of a service depot, please call LG Call Centre at 1.888.542.2623 for the nearest service center in your area.

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