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Optimizing network AP Router settings

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Configuring AP Router settings to the benefit of a more reliable Wi-Fi





             Recommended wireless network security settings for the AP Router.


 How to

             Check for below recommended configuration on the router setting. (For router setting, refer to

             the router’s user manual.)

           1. Wi-Fi operation mode:

              - For a router supporting 802.11ac, set it to “802.11n / 802.11ac mixed mode” to ensure

                support of 802.11n necessary for dual-bandwidth or if not, set it to 802.11n only mode for

                the same reason of bandwidth duality.


              - Avoid using 2.4GHz 802.11b mode or 802.11g mode. Should those be your only options,

                choose neither as it is time you considered purchasing a brand new router.


           2. Encryption Type:

              - Either set to “open” or “AES” cypher mode. “WEP” or “TKIP” mode result in weaker Wi-Fi

                transmission/reception performance than OPEN / AES.


           3. Operation of DHCP server:

              - To use a speaker or any multi-audio configuration, DHCP server must be in working status

                in order to assign individual IP addresses to respective components and devices.


                (If network operates in WDS (repeater) mode using two routers, only one router's DHCP

                 server between the two of them will require to work.)


           4. Miscellaneous:

              - If the router can select wireless isolation function, disable said function.

                Wireless Isolation is a setting on a wireless AP router. When setting is enabled it prevents a

                computer that is connected to the network wirelessly from accessing peripherals hardwired to

                the network. It will also prevent one wirelessly connected device from connecting to another

                wirelessly connected device.


              - If the router has a limit to the number of assignable IP addresses therefore limiting number of

                connectable devices, set the number high enough (DHCP IP address range).


              - The wired port for which port forwarding set or designated for IPTV cannot be utilized to

                connect the speaker.

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