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Centre Channel dialogue volume weak in multi-audio playback

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Whenever listening to a movie or program encoded in multi-channel audio playback, the dialogue volume (voices) from center channel position on sound bars SK10Y or SK9Y appear very faint and weak, practically inaudible, amidst the background noise of the soundtrack.



It has been reported recently that the LG sound bars, model SK10Y and SK9Y, show erratic behaviour whenever users are attempting to enjoy watching television whereas associated soundtrack is encoded in surround sound. Customers claimed the voices from the center channel of the sound bar are coming out very faint and weak, practically inaudible in some cases, within the background noise of the soundtrack.



The software of the sound bar will need to be updated.



 In order to update the device’s software to the latest most recent version, users will need to have downloaded and installed “LG Wi-Fi Speaker” app from the Google Play Store.



 Also, ensure the sound bar is connected to your home network.





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