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TV Powers “on” & “off” by itself - troubleshooting

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 Does it happen every day around the same time?


 If yes, then perhaps someone in the household inadvertently set the TV timer “on”  


 Home > Time > verify whether On Time or Off Time or both are set to “ON”


 Highlight On Time > ENTER > select “OFF” in the Repeat field > ENTER


 If this is not the reason and the TV turns itself “on” & “off” randomly anytime of the day…


 …a service technician will need to have a look at the problematic unit.



NOTE: above on-screen menu item may differ on your television screen.


Be cognizant there was a time when bulky televisions had plenty of breathing room inside the cabinet to keep electronic components, notably capacitors, cool.

The ever shrinking thickness into slim & sleek thinness has caused that breathing room in flat panel displays to be eliminated.

Pending usage and environmental conditions, there is that possibility capacitors might wear down much quicker than normal. It’s just fundamental physics.

Accelerated wear & tear progression on capacitors are bound to have them fail. That could be the reason your flat panel display goes into this erratic behavior. It will need a qualified service technician to have a look and inspect it.




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