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Termination of Premium Content Provider services

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In the past few years we have witnessed a good number of streaming application streamlining their services focusing their efforts strictly on mobile communication devices exiting Smart TV & Smart devices platform. That trend is continuing and, if you have found your way here, it is on account of the message notification that has appeared on your LG Smart Blu-ray player or Home Cinema system.



If inquiring about the following on-screen notification message…


This being a global occurrence, so was the notification message, and, given the list of Premium Content providers totally different from one country to the next, LG headquarter opted for a generic message.


So, in Canada, this message involves two (2) Premium Content Services: (Major League Baseball) and DailyMotion will be exiting the Smart devices (audio/video) platform sometime in January 2019 (no set schedule has yet been presented).



These two services will no longer be available on LG Smart Audio-Video devices at their respective organization's request. For those who wish to continue streaming their content, please access the service via PC or mobile device. If App was already downloaded and installed to the device, you may still find the app icon appearing on screen, but will experience unexpected technical difficulties attempting to run the app. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause as there is, unfortunately, nothing to prevent it.

Like many other media content service providers before them, it would appear both MLB and DailyMotion have made an executive decision involving consolidating their streaming efforts towards mobile devices as opposed to running multiple different platforms.

We respect these two organizations’ decision and hope that you will benefit from superior playback performance by viewing their content on your television via other supporting devices.


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