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Clicking Noise

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Clicking noises are usually normal operational sounds. Most of the time, noises are muffled during the day by activity in the home, but heard at night when it is more quiet. Certain types of installation can make these sounds louder than others.

Clicking noises when the dispenser is activated and operating is caused by relay switches communicating between the control board and internal parts for operation. This can also happen when the unit goes into auto defrost or the compressor turns on to cool the unit. This is normal. This will also happen when the compressor activates.

When the doors open and close, you may hear a clicking or creaking noise. This may occur because the plastic components in the unit will expand when they warm up and contract when they cool down. When the doors open, the plastic on the shelves, drawers, and door bins will creak as they expand and contract. This is normal. This may also be the sound of the door latches or stoppers as the doors open and close.

Depending on when the noise occurs, it could be associated with the auto defrost cycle, icemaker operation, fan operation, and other various functions that occur within the refrigerator.

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