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Squeaking Noise

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Depending on when the squeaking noise is heard, it may be normal. Most of the time, noises are muffled during the day by activity in the home, but heard at night when it is more quiet. Certain types of installations can make these sounds louder than others.

If the squeaking sound is occurring when the doors are opened or closed, it may be that the doors are not being aligned properly or the unit is not leveled. If this is the case, align the doors or level the unit.

The hinges may also be dry. Apply a food grade silicon grease to the hinge to quiet the noise. On models that begin with LFC, LFX, or LMX, the latch on the underside of the refrigerator door may be dirty or dry. Clean the latch and apply a food grade silicon grease to lubricate the hinge and prevent this noise.

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