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Ice Cubes not Dispensing

  • Dispenser Issues
  • Set to cubed, but dispenses crushed
  • Troubleshooting
  • Refrigerators


If the ice is not dispensing, this may be the result of an issue with ice production itself. The dispenser should be set to cubed or crushed ice. Press the dispenser button to toggle between the options to ensure that it is set to ice.

Check the ice bin to see if the cubes are stuck together. Usually, if the cubes have clumped to one large mass of ice, this indicates that the ice dispenser is not used frequently. Break up the ice cubes by shaking the bin to loosen the cubes.

Pull out the ice bin and heck to see if the small motor that turns the augur in the ice bin has ice or frost accumulation. If it does, it will not rotate. Use a warm, wet rag to unfreeze. Dry the part off and attempt to dispense ice again.

In the door, there is a flap that the ice comes through during dispensing. Water can accumulate around this flap and cause it to freeze shut. Try to manually move the flap. If it will not move, it is frozen. If this is the case, melt the accumulation with a warm, wet cloth. Dry the flap and chute and attempt to dispense ice again.

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