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Refrigerator Max Cooling Tips

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Maximizing Cooling Performance

Refrigerator Cooling Tips

  • Your refrigerator will run more often during the summer months. Most models that have digital controls will default to 37°F for the refrigerator section and 0°F for the freezer. These settings work well in most environments. The more items placed in the refrigerator and the more frequently the unit is opened, will require the temperature to be set lower.

  • If you adjust the temperature settings, allow time to pass between each adjustment. The refrigerator will up to 24 hours to stabilize the temperature between adjustments.

  • When loading food items into the refrigerator, try not to block the vents. For french door models, the vents are usually located in the center column along the back wall of the refrigerator compartment. If they are obstructed, you may notice uneven cooling.

  • Be sure to close the doors completely as you add and remove items from the refrigerator. If the refrigerator or freezer door is slightly ajar, the cooling performance of the unit will be compromised. This can also lead to frost buildup that will hinder cooling as well.

  • Periodically, clean the door seals. If they are dirty the doors will not seal properly and that will allow warm air and moisture room to enter the refrigerator. You can use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the seals if they are dirty.

Icemaker Tips


  • When using the icemaker for the first time after the refrigerator installed, dump the first two batches of ice cubes because the first ice and water dispensed may include particles or odor from the water supply line or the water tank.

  • The icemaker will stop producing ice when the in-door ice bin is full. If you need more ice, empty the ice bin into an extra ice bin and store it in the freezer compartment. During use, the ice can become uneven causing the icemaker to misread the amount of ice cubes and stop producing ice. Shaking the ice bin to level the ice within it can reduce this problem.

  • Keep the ice compartment door closed tightly. If the ice compartment door is not closed tightly, the cold air in the ice bin will freeze food in the refrigerator compartment. This could also cause the icemaker to stop producing ice.

  • ALWAYS empty the ice bin when the icemaker is set to “Off” for more than a few hours. If the icemaker is set to “Off” for an extended period of time, the ice compartment will gradually warm up to the temperature of the refrigerator compartment and any ice cubes that were left in the ice bin will start to melt.


Ice Dispenser Tips



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