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Vibrating Noise

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Most of the time, noises are muffled during the day by activity in the home, but heard at night when it is more quiet. Certain types of installations can make these sounds louder than others.

If your refrigerator is not leveled, it will vibrate during different operations. To prevent this from happening, level the refrigerator and make sure the doors are aligned properly.

Vibration noises from inside the unit are usually caused by items inside the unit touching other items. Check inside the unit for items that may be leaning against or touching other items. Also, make certain that all door bins, drawers, and shelves are properly inserted and in place.

If anything is on top of the unit or touching the sides, vibration sounds will occur. This is because the compressor and fans come on to maintain the temperature in the unit, there will be a slight vibration as the parts operate. Anything touching the unit will amplify the sound. This is normal. Clearance requirements must be observed at all times.

The icemaker will harvest or dump the ice into the ice bin every 1-2 hours. After harvesting ice, the water valve in the unit makes a vibration sound when it turns on to supply water to the icemaker for the next batch. This is normal. If the icemaker is on and there is no water supplied to the unit, this sound will occur and be amplified. If there is no water supply to the unit, turn off the icemaker.

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