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Refrigerator Has No Power

Refrigerator Has No Power

Refrigerator Has No Power

Power issues with your refrigerator can sometimes easily be resolved by simply troubleshooting steps. A few things to check or perform are:

  1. Power Cord

    Unplug your refrigerator and check the power cord for any visible damage. Then, plug the refrigerator back in, making sure the power cord is inserted fully. Then, turn the circuit breaker to the unit off and then back on. If the circuit breaker is turned off or a fuse is bad, then it will not provide power to your refrigerator.

  2. Dedicated Circuit

    The refrigerator requires a 120V (AC), 15 amp dedicated circuit. If the circuit provides power to other outlets, the required power supply will not be available for the refrigerator which will prevent the unit from powering on, even when plugged in. If the refrigerator is not on a dedicated circuit, an electrician will need to rewire the outlet.

  3. Electronic Device Test

    Test another device on the outlet that the refrigerator is plugged into. This is important to ensure that the problem is not with the outlet itself. If the outlet is not working, it will be necessary for an electrician to come to your home and fix the outlet. If the outlet works and the refrigerator will still not come on, then the unit will require service.