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Importance of levelling refrigerator

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Importance of properly levelling refrigerator






When the refrigerator is not properly leveled, it risks causing vibrations and become much noisier

than its normal operational acceptable sound level. From an aesthetic point of view, especially with

French door models or side-by-side, one would seek to get both door tops to be flushed with one






Adjust the product so that it is properly leveled.

How to level the product
Disassemble and remove lower kickplate cover.

      - Adjust height adjustment legs on both sides from the front.



       - Turn height adjustment screws on both sides of the front bottom counter clockwise to raise

         the unit upward or clockwise to lower it.




       -  Adjust so that the product is inclined slightly towards the back and refrigerator doors will close

         automatically when doors are open halfway.





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