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Doors won’t close

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Refrigerator door will not close?






If way too much food is stored on shelves or in door bins, the door may not close properly

or close at all for stored items protrude out too much inside refrigerator preventing door

from fully closing.





If the refrigerator has been cleaned recently, check that the shelves and door bins have been

reassembled to a snuggly fit.

Remove bulky food and those sticking out from the shelves and check whether door will then

close fully.

Too much food in door bins can hit against those on the shelves, preventing door from

closing. Remove them and try again.

Press rubber seal gasket to ensure it is correctly in place.




If alarm continues beeping after the door is fully closed, it is due to a defective door sensor.

    That being the case, please contact LG Customer Service.




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