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Condensation forming inside refrigerator

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Condensation accumulating inside refrigerator





If and when a refrigerator door is not firmly closed, due to stored food sticking out or overabundance,

cool air will leak out while ambient air sneaks in. The level of humidity in the ambient air once inside

the refrigerator will condense resulting in dew drops all over.

If the refrigerator has not been used for a long time or relocated recently, the rubber gasket seal

adherence may be low allowing dew drops to form in between.





Rearrange the food around so that the doors may close tightly.

Clean the rubber gasket with a warm wet towel and level the product so that it is inclined slightly to

the back.


Ensure proper temperature set to both compartments.


During torrid summer months whereas humidity is high, deactivate the Energy Saving mode.

If the problem persists, contact LG customer service.





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