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Water filter replacement

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Replacing water filter





If water has not be flushed sufficiently after installing the product or replacing filter, filter has

expired its lifespan or refrigerator dispenser has not been used for a long time, there is a risk

that foreign materials in the form of minuscule particles can be found in the water.




Filter replacement cycle
     1st pre-carbon filter: 6 months, 
     2nd UF membrane filter: 12 months,
     3rd post carbon filter: 6 months

     After replacing filter, let water run for at least 1.5 liters and flush before use.

         To remove the rest of activated carbon, press dispenser button for 3 minutes

         each (purified water and cold water) to let water flow and be flushed out before use.

         (Activated carbon is non-toxic to human body.)


1. If foreign materials (white particles, dust, etc.) are found even though filter has been replaced

    regularly, contact the service center.

2. Pollution can spread through water pipe.

    Clean items in the following order: water inlet → water valvefilterwater tank or replace.



Contact the service center when foreign materials are found in both dispensed water and ice cube

    after replacing filter. If only found in ice cube, remove icemaker and ice bin, clean thoroughly and

    put back in place.




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