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Location where refrigerator is installed

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Ideal location for refrigerator



Installation environment


Installing refrigerators in well-ventilated areas is highly recommended. 
If surrounding temperature is too high or too low the product performance will be affected

(excessive cooling / no cold air).



Install where surrounding temperature is between 5and 43

(highly recommended).


The user manual offers very little as far as clearance requirement focusing solely on opening doors as per following:

One customer further questioned installing refrigerator in a corner. Should it be an option, you would require 3 ½ inch clearance between the side wall to the side panel just for the door to open at 90° angle.

Now, to open the door sufficiently (approximately at 135° angle) in order to easily slide out the crisper drawers to wash them, you would require an additional 12 inches. So, in total, the refrigerator would need to be installed at least 15 ½ inches from the side wall so the door could get opened enough to comfortably remove the crisper drawer.





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