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Ideal temperature setting

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Refrigerator – Setting ideal temperature



No matter how perfect temperature is set for both refrigerator and freezer compartments there is no accounting for maintaining it as such moment doors get opened and closed frequently.


Same goes for the practice of absentmindedly staring inside the refrigerator for lengthy period of time. Both these practices executed often enough during the course of a day are bound to produce frost buildup inside the refrigerator while giving the impression of weak cooling performance.



Fig. 1 – Example temperature setting range on LG refrigerators.

When either the Refrigerator or Freezer touch button on the control display panel are pressed initially, the display panel lights up indicating targeted temperatures for both respective compartments. With each additional press of either touch buttons, the targeted temperature drops by 1 degree down to coldest possible setting then starts back up at warmest setting and keeps toggling through the range with each additional press of the button.

Refrigerator compartment temperature setting ranges from 8°C down to 1°C while that of the freezer goes from: -13°C down to -21°C on most LG French Door models.





1.    How often have the doors been opened & closed in the past 24 hours?

2.    What is the refrigerator compartment temperature reading on control panel?

3.    What is the freezer compartment temperature reading on control panel?

4.    Has hot food been recently stored in the refrigerator?

5.    Are the doors closing properly? Are there obstructions preventing such?


Opening and closing refrigerator door thirty (30) times during the course of a day is bound to have severe adverse effect on the refrigerator’s ability to properly cool.



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