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Locate model and serial numbers on LG Refrigerator


This is a quick reference guide on locating both model and serial number of your LG appliance. Appliances’ model number usually starts with Letters followed by numbers. Serial numbers, on the other hand, usually begin with three numbers followed by 4 letters then a series of numbers.

Customers seeking to obtain an electronic PDF copy of their Owner Manual, please consult specific webpage to that effect entitled MANUALS - OWNERS & USERS.

While attempting to register your brand new LG refrigerator online, we have noticed from a good number of customer feedback comments that their model number was deemed “INVALID”. Should you come across that situation, the main reasons are possibility the model number is NOT SOLD in the Canadian marketplace, the model number is miskeyed (it happens to all of us) or that we, unfortunately, omitted to update our database of products. Whichever the case, please reach out to our Customer Information Center to report the incident and get it resolved. Simply click this link CONTACT LG. If you happen to not be a CANADIAN resident, please access this WEBPAGE then select your country of residence for Support coordinates.


Model serial number label location          Label example  


Model and serial number label location for refrigerators  

Refrigerator model nomenclature