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Display goes out

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Display blanks out into sleep mode



Symptom Symptom


             1. Product display window turns “off” posting no information and void of light.




Checkpoint Checkpoint


             1. This is considered normal as long as display can be turned “on”.





Cause Cause


             1. The moment the appliance has ceased operating for five minutes or if a recent installation,

                 after having been plugged it into wall AC outlet, display will automatically turn itself “off”

                 recognizing dormant state or sleep mode. 

                 Energy Saving mode gets activated to save on power consumption.


                         Energy Saving

                            Lighting and display will turn off automatically if the product is not used for five minutes

                            to save on power consumption.

                          How to set

                            •  ON : Press Cancel/Energy Saving when the feature is not activated.


                                        When the unit has returned to stationary mode for five minutes with the door

                                        open or shut, appliance’s lighting and display will automatically turn “off”.



                           •  OFF: Open a door or press any button to deactivate Energy Saving and start cooking.





How to fix How to fix

             1. Press
any button or open and close the door to deactivate the feature.


                 If the display window won’t turn “on” when a button on the panel is pressed, ensure the power

                 cord is tightly secured to the wall AC outlet and fuse in the fuse box did not blow or if circuit

                 breaker, it was not tripped. Should there be no power issue to the appliance and display

                 window still won’t light up then please contact LG Customer Interaction Centre for technical



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