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Oven “Proof” cycle temperature



Some LG electric range feature a “Proof” cycle designed to maintain the oven cavity just warm enough for rising yeast leavened products before baking.

Cooking cycle option control panel dial

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Leaven, such as yeast, is what is placed in bread dough to make the bread rise. The bread making cycle is referred to proofing whereas the dough is kept at temperature in between 90ºF ~ 100ºF (32ºC ~ 38ºC).    

In the case of LG electric ranges, whenever selecting Proof cycle, the oven cavity heat is being maintained at 92ºF (33ºC) which is within the range of desired temperature for proofing shaped dough.        


This feature maintains a warm oven for rising yeast leavened products before baking.

For best proof performance, cover the food with foil.    


Setting the Proof Function


  1 Use rack position 2 or 3 for proofing.

  2 Press Proof until Proof appears in the display.

  3 Press Start .

  4 Press Clear/Off when proofing is finished.


  •• To avoid lowering the oven temperature and lengthening proofing time, do not open the oven door unnecessarily. Check bread products early to avoid over proofing.

  •• Do not use the proofing mode for warming food or keeping food hot. The proofing oven temperature is not hot enough to keep foods at safe temperatures. Use the Warm feature to keep food warm. Proofing does not operate when the oven temperature is above 125°C. Hot shows in the display.

Article checklist icon symbol   Customer Concern & Testimonial Corner

A customer expressed concerns seeking to find out whether proofing required putting a pan of water on the bottom rack of the oven. Good question!


Navigating the Internet, you may have come across columns pertaining to using the oven to proof dough. Some sites’ solution involve inserting a pan containing 3 cups of boiling water on the lower rack. Boiling water can never exceed 100 ° C (212 ° F) which allows that low temperature needed for the dough to rise.

That technique is unnecessary when using an LG Range featuring a PROOF cycle as this cycle is designed specifically to be within temperature range required to get the dough to rise. Inserting a pan of boiling water would be redundant and futile.