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Dishwasher: No water – “IE” error code

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Is this the first time using since installation?


If so, make sure the water supply valve is open.   Check to ensure the water supply hose is not kinked.




Does water tap open or is water supply cut off?


Confirm the water tap is open. If it is a dual state water tap, make sure the water supply valve is also open.




Have you recently had or done a plumbing or sink repair?


Check the water inlet valve to the sink. Make sure the water valve under the sink is open.




Is any part of the dishwasher installed outside?


In winter, water might freeze in hose temporarily. You can melt the frozen part of hose by soaking a towel in warm water, then wrapping the warm towel around the hose.




Is ‘IE’ the message appearing (Not ‘E1’) in the unit’s control panel display?


There is a problem with water filling the dishwasher. The error means the water level is too low (insufficient water) after 30 sec~10 minutes.

 Possible Causes:                                 

*Inlet valve filter Clogged      *Water supply valve is not open

*Inlet hose is kinked              *Inlet valve is clogged

*Water pressure is too low  





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