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Dishwasher Error Codes (IE, 1E, OE, FE, E1, HE, TE, LE, CE)

  • Control Panel Issues
  • IE
  • Troubleshooting
  • Dishwashers


 IE > Water Inlet Problem > Check for clogged, kinked or frozen water inlet hose

                                        > Check water supply, make sure taps are opened


 OE > Draining Problem > Check for clogged, kinked or frozen drain hose


 FE > Excessive water supplied > Dispatch service technician


 E1 > Water leakage problem > Dispatch service technician


 HE > Heater circuit failure > Dispatch service technician


 TE > Thermistor failure or water inlet too hot (over 194°F) > Dispatch service technician


 PF > Dishwasher experienced power failure > Will restart automatically in 10 seconds


 CE or LE > Dishwasher has sensed something wrong with motor operation > Dispatch service



Should all above troubleshooting tips have failed to produce positive results and the unfortunate situation still persists, then we have no other alternative than acknowledge a mechanical or electronic fault with the product. If the appliance is still under warranty please contact LG customer service at 1.888.542.2623 for repair options. For out-of-warranty products, still call our customer service to find out about our One Price repair program.





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