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Dishwasher Installation [VIDEO]



Dishwashers require  installation underneath kitchen countertop. This is a short video clip going over the installation steps of a dishwasher. Simply click on the PLAY button in the picture and view. You can PAUSE the video at any time. Tutorial video covers electrical power, inlet water line and drain as well as leveling the appliance to ensure optimal proper operation of the unit.

For those expressing concerns with respect to the installation section covering the sound insulation material accidentally omitted in the aforementioned tutorial as well as in the owner manual, please refer to the following text and pictures.

The area with multiple levels of cutouts fits over the water supply line area and the other end with just one large cutout fits in above the electrical junction box. Meaning that the side of the insulation pad with "NOISELITE" printed on it is facing outward (visible when installed), but the text is upside down .

Sound insulation material            Sound insultion material over water line  

FOLLOWING ARE GENERIC DISHWASHER INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS. For a more accurate version of dishwasher installation instructions, please consult your respective owner manual. Click the following link if you wish to download a PDF copy of your OWNER MANUAL.


Installation instructions - table of content  

Installation instructions - Important safety warnings  

Parts and tools required  

Installation instructions - product specifications  

Installation instructions - under counter preparation  

Installation instructions - Electrical preparation  

Installation instructions - Water supply preparation  

Installation instructions - page 9  


  Installation instructions - leveling dishwasher  

Installation instructions - securing dishwasher to countertop  

Installation instructions - drain line connection  

Installation instructions - water supply connection