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Maintenance tip – Cleaning filter

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Avoid odor build-up inside dishwasher through regular maintenance




how to fix How to fix


       ■ Cleaning the filter


           - Proper care & maintenance by regularly cleaning the filter will increase overall washing

             performance and prevent various operation errors and odor build-up.


       ▶  How to clean the filter


           1) Take the lower rack out and separate the filter assembly.

           2) Disassemble the first filter by rotating it counterclockwise then

                pull the remaining assembly upward.


                  open filter assembly

                  unfasten filter

                  take filter out


           3) Remove food residue from the filter and wash it under running water.


                  empty filter out

                  wash filter


           4) Please be careful and wash the filter gently.

           5) Reassemble the parts in reverse order.

                  reassemble filter


           6) If not properly assembled, the filter will not be able to collect food residue thus reducing

               washing performance.

               Please periodically clean the filter, otherwise bad odor may occur.






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