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Dishes still wet after cycle completed

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Condensation droplets remaining on dishes after cycle completed



how to fix How to fix


      ■ Dishes should be loaded in a standing position and not touch each other.


      ■ Please leave dishwasher door open after cool down drying to let humid air out.


      ■ For For better drying performance, please use dish washer rinse aid. If water still

         remains on dishes after wash cycle completed, adjust rinse aid lever to level 4 in

         order to increase amount of rinse aid dispensed for better drying performance. 
         (factory default: level 3) Try dual control, soak or sterilization for better drying.


      ■ Loading dishes


       ① Loading upper rack


                  loading upper rack


       ② Loading lower rack

           loading lower rack


Rinse aid is a surfactant reducing water’s surface tension. This surface tension is the “skin” effect on

drops of water making them ball up rather than spread out thin on a surface for swifter evaporation. As

a surfactant, rinse aid prevents water from forming into droplets instead compelling those to drain in thin

sheets from the surface or quickly evaporate.










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