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Dishes still wet long after cycle completed

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Leaving dishes in dishwasher overnight – potential outcome




how to fix How to fix


      ① Leaving washed dishes in the dishwasher for an extended period of time will have both

           dishwasher and its load cooling down signifying occurrences of condensation.


           Humid air in the unit risks condensing on dish surface.


           It is recommended to take out washed dishes within the hour after the wash cycle has



           Leaving dishwasher door open after a cycle will help reducing potential condensation

           forming on dishes left inside.



      ② Humid air in the dishwasher cavity will be released for an hour after a cycle (Cd will appear

           in the display panel.)



      What is Cd or Cool Dry?


          - “Cd” is a feature that follows washing and drying. A cooling fan runs for about an hour to

             remove the humidity inside the tub and keep dishes fresh and clean.

             Dishes can be taken out when Cd is displayed.


            door open

                                     Leaving the door open








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