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Water leaking underneath

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Finding source of water leak from a dishwasher



cause Cause


      ■  Ends of water supply or drain hoses of a dishwasher are often connected to other copper piping

          products or house plumbing. Water leak may appear caused due to dishwasher when in fact the

          leak stems from underneath the sink or water purifier.


          Please verify water leak by following it to the root source origin.


      ■  Please check whether water leak would originate from underneath the sink. Should it be the case,

          either the initial dishwasher installer or a plumber, pending gravity of the situation, would be best

          in resolving issue.


        leakage check

                        Check leaks from connected parts



      ■  Should a leak be observed while dishwasher is not running, the root cause likelihood of said leak

          can only be pointed to the inlet water line between sink pipe hook-up all the way to the dishwasher.

          One extremity is found under the sink while the other is located at the dishwasher inlet valve behind

          the front kick plate. There is constant water pressure at the valve as the home tap is opened which

          means it can leak if there is something wrong.


      ■  If by some odd chance the dishwasher itself is flooding while in idling mode which is causing the

          leak, customers need to shut down household water supply to dishwasher and call LG to dispatch

          a service technician for possibly an inlet valve replacement.






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