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Feeling electricity when touching appliance?

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Feeling electricity when touching appliance?



Grounding electrical appliances serves the purpose of reducing risk of electric shock from current

leaking into uninsulated metal parts of the appliance and preventing accumulation of hazardous

static electrical charges. Properly grounded systems harmlessly carry out leaking current.


Appliances designed to be grounded feature a three-wire cord and a plug having three prongs that

is intended to be plugged into a matching wall AC outlet. The third wire and prong provide the

ground link between the metal frame of the appliance and the ground of the wiring system.


There are other small appliances, such as toasters for example, featuring exposed heating coils that

should not be grounded because grounding would actually increase the risk of electric shock. 



○ Cause 

      Do you feel electricity when touching the outer housing of microwave oven?


○ Detailed answers

      ▶ Touching an improperly grounded small appliance risks providing an undesirable electrical

       sensation. Please use standard products with ground terminal over 15A. Especially when

       using multiple outlets such as power bar, standard grounded products should be used.


     Do not bend or remove ground prong from microwave oven plug just so to insert it into an

       ungrounded AC receptacle.







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