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Circuit breaker trips during operation

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Circuit breaker trips while operating microwave oven?



In North America residential electricity is distributed in average to every room from a fuse or circuit

breaker panel box. Household electrical power runs in at 110 volts and usually 15 amps generating

a total of approximately 1,500 watts per line. If and when power being consumed on a same line

exceeds available power, the fuse blows up or circuit breaker is tripped from overload to prevent

potential fire hazard.


Microwave ovens on average run at around 1,100 watts of power which is more than two thirds of a

single electrical circuit capacity. Running other small appliances from the same power bar for example

while operating the microwave oven is bound to trip the circuit breaker, surge protector or household

fuse. Avoid operating simultaneous appliances off one same circuit or simply dedicate a circuit line

exclusively to the use of the microwave oven.



○ Cause:

     Did the circuit breaker trip when microwave oven was in use mode?


○ Detailed Answer

    If the circuit breaker trips, multiple outlets power bar with many products plugged in may be

      the reason causing microwave oven to abruptly turn itself off.



          If the Surge Protector keeps tripping "off" it means electrical capacity being dispersed

        among all devices connected to the power bar is in overload.



        If too many devices drawing from one same outlet or power bar happen to be in

        operation mode simultaneously there is a risk of exceeding power capacity.




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