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Time elapsing – Oven not cooking

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Control Panel Issue – Time elapsing, no cooking


○ Cause          


     Control panel display shows time being counted down but the oven is not cooking.



○ Detailed Answer


     Ensure door is firmly closed.  Check whether it might have been timer that was started instead

    of a cooking function.





Should above listed troubleshooting tips failed to produce positive results then we have to conclude there is a mechanical defect within either the magnetron or any component on the main circuit board.

Since countertop microwave ovens are carry-in service product, I would urge you to contact LG Customer Service at 1.888.542.2623 for the nearest authorized service center in your neighborhood for them to assess defect.

If the product is still under its one-year warranty and has been confirmed defective, being non-economical to repair, it will be replaced.  The magnetron has a 5-year limited warranty. Should the issue be a faulty magnetron, even if the unit is out of its first year warranty and up to the 5 years from date of purchase then, it too will be replaced with a comparable model.



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