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Arcing / Sparking during operation

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Why are there sparks inside oven cavity while cooking?



Symptom Symptom


             1. Sparks witnessed inside microwave oven cavity during cooking.




Checkpoint Checkpoint


             1. Applicable Some metal accessories are safe to use in microwave oven as all their edges, no

                 exception, are rounded off, meaning there are no subtle nook or cranny the microwaves might

                 be trapped in resulting in arcing and sparking.



             2. If a metal container were placed inside the oven, its shell would reflect the electromagnetic

                 microwaves preventing the food inside from cooking therefore defeating the purpose. 

             3. For microwave featuring a metal temperature probe, avoid leaving it lying inside the oven

                 cavity on the turntable. Should you do so operating the microwave oven and the probe fell

                 off the turntable it would literally burn through the metal flooring rendering appliance

                 permanently out of use.


                 Note: When foil containers such as instant noodle soup container come in contact

                             with microwaves, sparks will occur and risks damaging unit, worse catch fire.

                             Use of microwave safe containers is highly recommended.



              4.  Food residue or grease inside oven cavity can spark when microwave heat is applied. 

                   It is safer to use the appliance when good care and maintenance are performed regularly.

                   Please wipe the inside of the oven cavity with a wet cloth after cooking.




How to fix How to fix


             1. Check if aluminum foil or metallic part of a container touched the inner cavity walls.

                                               Check if an aluminum foil or metallic part of a container touched an inner wall.


              2. Remove food particles inside the oven as they can cause sparks due to carbonization.


                                                Remove food particles inside an oven as they can cause sparks due to carbonization.





              3. Do not use containers with gold or silver linings as they can cause sparks.
                  Please use heat-resistant containers.




dishes safe to use Dishes safe to use

dishes safe to use


Installation SMART APP

             1.Search LG on Google Play Store and download DIOS Lightwave Oven App.

               The app provides access to various information such as dishes safe to use.


Smart app


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