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How to Level the Washing Machine

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The wash tub of your washing machine spins at very high spin speeds. To minimize vibration, noise, and unwanted movement, the floor must be perfectly level and solid.

Check the precise leveling of your washer by rocking the top edges of the washing machine or placing a level on top. The slope beneath the washing machine must not exceed 1 degree, and all four leveling feet must rest firmly on the floor.

Turn the lower leveling feet clockwise to level the washing machine. Turning the feet clockwise will raise the washing machine.

Turn the locknuts counterclockwise and tighten them when the washing machine is level.

Check the Washing Machine’s Leveling Again

Place 4-6 bath towels in the washing machine. Close the door and power on the washer. Locate and select the ‘Rinse and Spin’ option on your washer’s control panel. Press the ‘SPIN SPEED’ button until the highest speed option is selected. Press the START/PAUSE’ button.

Once the cycle enters the spin stage, observe the unit for vibrations. If vibrations are detected, press down on each corner of the machine. If pressing on one corner stops the vibration, that foot needs to be adjusted.

It is very important to make only small turns when fine tuning the leveling. Make ¼ turns at a time so that the foot is not over adjusted.

Note: If this is a new installation, be sure that all four shipping bolts have been removed from the back of the washer.

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