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Not all options are available on all cycles. Not all options can be selected at the same time. Refer to your owner’s manual for operation instructions specific to the model in question.

Option Description Cycle Information
Child Lock Disables the control panel during operation so the settings cannot be adjusted during the cycle. This will not prevent the unit from being powered on or off. When powered off, the child lock will not lock the door or control panel. On some models "CL" will flash on the display to indicate this is active. The display will alternately flash "CL" and the remaining cycle time. On most models this feature is activated by starting the cycle and then pressing and holding the button for 3 seconds.
Delay Wash This function will delay the start of the wash cycle. The delay wash time varies by model - some models can be set for up to 12 hour delay wash, while other models can be set up to 19 hour delay wash. Each press of the delay wash button increases the delay time by one hour.
Custom Program Allows an adjustment to a cycle to be saved and recalled for future use. After making the adjustments, press and hold the Customer Program button for three seconds and the adjustments will be saved. The next time the adjusted cycle is desired, simply press the Custom Program button to recall it. The settings stored will display.
Beeper On/Off Allows the beeper volume to be adjusted or turned on/off. On some models, it will only turn the beeper on or off and does not adjust the volume. This is not available on all models.
Drum Light Some models have an interior drum light that automatically turns on when the door is opened and off when the door is closed. This option allows the light to be turned on during the cycle. When activated the drum light will illuminate for four minutes and then turn off automatically.
Tub Clean This will run a Tub Clean Cycle. This is not added to a cycle, but used by itself. Tub Clean will dispense bleach and run a full hot wash cycle. No clothing or detergent should be added. Use bleach in the bleach compartment, not directly in the drum. May use a front load cleaner in place of bleach, but do not use both at the same time.
Tub Clean+ This will run a Tub Clean Cycle. This is feature is located on the Cycle Dial. Tub Clean+ not only runs a tub clean cycle, but it also adds steam during the cycle to help clean the inside of the unit. After the cleaning cycle, the unit them performs a tub dry. This is done by combining the heater and fast spinning drum to dry out the gasket and the inside of the drum. Units with this feature also have an additional vent to allow humidity and moisture to vent out effectively.
Rinse and Spin This will perform a rinse and spin separately from a regular cycle. To activate, simply power on the unit, press the rinse and spin button, then press start. This will not add an extra rinse to a cycle.
Prewash Will add a short wash, rinse, and spin to the cycle. It adds 16 minutes to the total cycle time. Beneficial for heavily soiled loads. This is a cycle enhancement option. On rear control panel models, only powder detergent should be used in the main wash compartment when using prewash. On front control panel models without a liquid cup insert, only use powder detergent in the main wash compartment when using prewash. If the front control panel model has a liquid cup insert, then liquid can be used. The reason for this is that without a liquid cup insert, the detergent will enter the drum during the prewash and no detergent will remain in the dispenser during the main wash. This will reduce washing performance.
Quick Cycle Will reduce the selected cycle time by approximately 50%. This is beneficial for lightly soiled items. This is a cycle enhancement option. This is different from the Speed Wash Cycle, which is a cycle not an option. The Quick Cycle Option is limited to the settings of the cycle selected while the Speed Wash Cycle has its own settings and allowable adjustments.
Stain Cycle Will extend the wash time of the cycle for enhanced wash performance. This is a cycle enhancement option. This will not remove stains that have set in or have not been pretreated. The Stain Cycle Option only extends the time during the wash portion of the cycle. There is no specific time for the option as it depends on load size and cycle selected.
StainCare™ Use this option for heavily soiled loads that need improved stain treatment. Progressively increases temperature to remove multiple stains in one cycle. This is a cycle enhancement option. When Stain Care is selected, the water temperature for the selected cycle will begin as warm water to help prevent the setting of certain types of stains. Then as the cycle progresses, the water will be heated to higher temperatures to help remove stains that require treatment at higher temperatures. This option is designed for optimum stain removal. NOTE: If Stain Care is selected with the Sanitary cycle, the cycle will begin with very hot water since that is the default and it cannot be changed.
SpinSense Senses when the drum is spinning in an unbalanced rotation and attempts to correct the unbalance. This is a cycle enhancement option. SpinSense detects an unbalance sooner than the normal operational detection. The benefit is that the load has a better chance of being rebalanced successfully. SpinSense may also reduce the maximum spin speed selected to help prevent vibrations. This is determined by algorithmic measurements programmed in to the main board of the unit. Useful on large, heavy loads and loads containing large, bulky items such as sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.
Extra Rinse Adds an additional rinse to the cycle to help ensure the removal of detergent and bleach residue from garments. This is a cycle enhancement option. There is no specific time for the option as it depends on the load size and cycle selected.
Load Size Utilizes the unit’s ability to determine the load size to recommend how much detergent, bleach and softener should be used. This is a cycle enhancement option. When activated the Load Size symbol on the display will recommend the detergent amount. This helps to prevent residue caused by using too much detergent.
Water Plus Adds water to the cycle to enhance wash performance on large, bulky items This is a cycle enhancement option. Water Plus has two preset water level increases depending on the cycle. For Sanitary, Cotton/Normal, Baby Wear and Speed Wash: approximately 3 liters. For Bulky/Large, Permanent Press, Delicates and Hand Wash/Wool: approximately 2.8 liters.
Wash/Rinse Optimizer™ A special sensor determines the amount of detergent and water hardness and automatically makes adjustments to the wash/rinse processes This is a cycle enhancement option. When there is too much detergent it will add rinse cycles When too little detergent is used (hard water conditions) it will extend the wash cycle time.
ColdWash™ Reduces warm water consumption to a minimum for energy savings. This is a cycle enhancement option. Incorporates minimal amounts of warm water is used to ensure detergent activation at the lowest possible temperature. To increase wash performance, the unit utilizes 6Motion wash technology. The result is cold water savings with warm water performance.
FreshCare™ Use this function when you are unable to unload the clothes soon after the wash cycle ends. Provides periodic tumbling for up to 8 hours. This is a cycle enhancement option. Press the Start/Pause or On/Off button at anytime to unload the laundry.
Steam Injects steam during the wash portion of the cycle, providing superior cleaning performance while reducing energy and water consumption. This is a cycle enhancement option. Certain fabrics (wool, silk, and other delicate or temperature sensitive garments) should not be placed in a steam cycle.

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