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dE Error Code

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dE Error



 If hinges are bent, door will not close properly. That is the main reason DE error code occur. 

 Also, in the case of a damaged door seal, the door may not close properly as well and this can

 cause the error.

 Try not to damage door latch. If door drops downward on account of slightly loosened hinges

 slightly lift the door upward and close it. Avoid leaning any weight over top of an opened door.

 Once the door is properly closed, the washing machine will work well. 


 If no change is made even after you firmly close the door 2-3 times, clean the surrounding area

 of the rubber gasket door seal and close the door once again.

 (if all fails to produce positive results, the machine will need be serviced by a technician.)


[Door latch]


※ How to clean gasket



Clean the area around gasket seal



Clean the area around inside glass door



[Gasket (door seal)]




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