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Cleaning Dispenser

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Cleaning Agitator




 Although the antibacterial dispenser restrains propagation of microbes, virus, mildew or bacteria

 some of these contaminants may find their way into the washing machine if appliance has been

 exposed to either following conditions for a long time.

  - Installed in humid and shady area.

  - No maintenance of washing machine for a long time.

  - Excessive use of detergent or fabric softener.


Cleaning dispenser

How to clean drum


  - Pour about 50 ml of bleach into detergent chamber of the dispenser. Then start Tub Clean  

    (Run Steam cycle on a model not featuring Tub Clean. Directly pour bleach in dispenser.)

  - Cleaning prowess of oxygen bleach is not very good. Use chlorine bleach instead.

Tub Clean operation

  - Tub Clean cycle includes cleaning of the dispenser as well as the tub.
  - In order to eliminate dirt inside dispenser, always try to keep dispenser clean and regularly run

    Tub Clean cycle.


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