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No Power




In North America residential electricity is distributed in average to every room from a fuse or circuit

breaker panel box. Household electrical power runs in at 110 volts and usually 15 amps generating

a total of approximately 1,500 watts per line. If and when power being consumed on a same line

exceeds available power, the fuse blows up or circuit breaker is tripped from overload to prevent

potential fire hazard.


The exception to aforementioned are appliances requiring more than 1,500 watts power to get their

heating elements to produce ample heat either to cook or dry clothes. In these cases, both rely on

single phase three wire system providing 110 volts to control panel and motor while delivering the

full 220 volts to respective heating element.



Electrical power requirement needed to run a top load washing machine ranges from 600 watts up

to 1,200 watts.


In cases where appliances require little more than half the total line power it is highly recommended

to leave that power line entirely dedicated to that appliance.




  In most cases, electrical cord connection leading to the washing machine is the reason for no

  electricity. Using an extension cord may not supply sufficient electrical power to the washing

  machine and power may not be turned on.   

  Power may not be turned on when multiple household appliances are connected using one same

  extension cord due to total power availability.

How to Repair
  Check whether other appliances, such as a lamp, will power on from same AC outlet. 

  If not, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.



 ② Verify that the power cord is plugged in and fully inserted in AC outlet.


 ③ Avoid the use of an extension cord or power bar. But, if necessary.

    → Check the on/off switch on the extension cord.

Should it be determined that the wall AC outlet is providing current, the washing

machine's power cord is properly inserted and there is still no power when attempting

to power "on" the appliance, then please contact LG Customer Service at 1.888.542.2623

for further assistance in deploying a certified service technician for in-home inspection. 




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