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Burnt rubber smell

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Slight burning rubber odor when drying or steaming



cause Cause


          ■ Smell of burnt rubber during Dry or Steam cycle can be noticed as the inside temperature

              increases up to 100°C so rubber gasket around door gets heated.


          ■ For any cycle requiring high temperature water (usually above 60°C), the front loading washing

              machine uses a water heater therefore, the exterior risks getting hot as the temperature inside

              the tub rises.



how to fix How to fix


          ■ Smell of burnt rubber will gradually go away as the rubber gasket seal becomes more malleable

              over time.


         ■ Washing machine risks get hot during operation. That’s normal.



             dry heater 

                             <Drying heater>                                 <Washer heater>


                                                      structure of washer

                                                       <Structure of washer>                           

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