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Leaking – Most probable cause

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Front load washer found to be leaking



Should a front load washer leak due to a tub enclosure breakdown it’s not a puddle of water that would ensue but a major flooding mess.


Noticing a puddle of water around the front load washer compels consumer to believe something is wrong with the appliance.


The most probable causes of water leaking are:


1.    Using too much soap or non-HE detergent

2.    Inner door glass & seal gasket dirty or obstructed by debris

3.    Loose drain filter

4.    Loose water inlet coupling


Did you know that Energy Saving washing machines use approximately 60% less water than the old conventional agitator-type top load washer? That is more than half!


Subsequently, detergent should be used sparingly. Detergent should not be measured according to the load you insert in the washer but in accordance to detergent maker recommendations.


More soap, just like suds, or excess of suds, will not produce a better wash. In fact, it will do exactly the opposite. Excess soap will turn against the clothing by leaving white stain marks across. Excess suds will prevent proper tumbling and stepping of the load. Excess suds will find a way out, even through the slightest crack or out the vent hole at the rear of the washer.


Fig. 1 – Slightest soapy streak will alert you to oversudsing (too much soap).


Fig. 2 – Excessive suds escaping vent will trickle down and form a puddle of water.


Fig. 3 – Too much detergent will cause oversudsing that will escape and form puddle.




1.    Locate root cause by following the soapy stain marks on the panel.

2.    Try less soap. Way less soap. Use HE (high-efficiency) detergent.

3.    Regularly clean the inner glass door & gasket especially if you have pets.

4.    Check water hose connection couplings and tighten if need be.

5.    Check drain filter to ensure cap is tightly fitted.




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